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Belle Lee Luckett (1877-1958)

Belle lee Luckett
Belle Lee Luckett

Belle Lee Luckett was born February 11, 1877 in the city of Boggess, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  She was the last of six children born to John M. Luckett and Sarah Catherine Wickliffe.  She was raised on the family farm in Boggess. 

On October 4, 1904, Belle married Volna Blackburn Southard, probably in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  She was about 28 years old and he was around 16 years.  Volna was born in 1879 in Cromwell, Ohio County, Kentucky.  Before marrying Volna, Belle taught in a "subscription school". This was a one room school where parents paid for a certain period of time so their child could attend. Children didn't necessarily attend for a full school year.

After their marriage, Volna and Belle settled in a home in Boggess, where Volna was employed as a salesman in a General Store.  By 1920, Volna and Belle had purchased a farm in Court House, Muhlenberg County.  They had at least three children: 


                        Mary Catherine                    born 1905

                        Ruby Nell                              born on March 15, 1911

                        John Blackburn                   born on May 30, 1915

Volna Blackburn Southard died of cancer at the age of 44, on February 19, 1923 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky.  Belle, left a widow, was living with her two children, Ruby and John, in a home Graham, Muhlenberg County, in 1930.    

Belle went on to live another 34 years after her husband's death.  On March 8, 1957, Belle Lee Luckett Southard passed away after a long illness.  She had been living with her daughter, Ruby, and her family.  Belle was 80 years old at her death.

Volna & Belle Southard

Notes for Belle Luckett

Birth:  Year: 1900; Census Place: Boggess, Muhlenberg, Kentucky; Roll: T623 545; Page: 4A;  Enumeration District: 68.

Marriage:  Year: 1910; Census Place: N Boggess, Muhlenberg, Kentucky; Series: T624; Roll: 496; Page: 242A; Enumeration District: 88; Part: 2; Line: 1.

Death:  Personal family history website:, accessed 28 August 2011

Notes for Volna Blackburn Southard

Birth:  Year: 1880; Census Place: Cromwell, Ohio, Kentucky; Roll: T9_436; Family History Film: 1254436; Page: 567.4000; Enumeration District: 182; Image: 0558.

Death:  Personal family history website:, accessed 28 August 2011

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