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The First Family - Lemuel Boggess, Sr. & Rachel Oates

Figures from the 1820, 1830, and 1840 census records confirm that Lemuel and Rachel had six children.  I have put the information together and formed the following list:

                        Boy     born between 1821 – 1825
                        Girl      born between 1821 – 1825
                        Girl      born between 1825 – 1830
Boy     born between 1825 – 1830
                        Boy     born between 1830 – 1835
                        Boy     born between 1830 – 1835

There is a database on which lists the children of Lemuel and Rachel Oates Boggess.  The information about the database is as follows:

What Can I Find in the Family Data Collections - Births database?
These birth records were created during a study about human genetics and disease. The millions of individual records were created from a variety of sources, including birth, marriage, and death records, obituaries, probate records, books of remembrance, family histories, genealogies, family group sheets, and more, but the documentation was not kept. Since genetics confirms relationships in a scientific way, researchers were not concerned with citing the source of every genealogical fact compiled.

These results have now been sorted into Birth, Marriage, and Death categories. Due to the lack of documentation, treat this information like a secondary source, but use it to record possible birth, marriage, and death dates and names, and other possible information that could be listed. Then, with the new names you may have collected, visit census records and vital records to confirm information and find clues to additional details.

Source Information:
Edmund West, comp. Family Data Collection – Births [database online] Provo, UT:, 2001.

  The presumed children of Lemuel and Rachel Boggess listed in the database are:
1.  Charles Haise     born September 10, 1822  
2.  Zilpha Ann           born November 9, 1824                 
3.  Elizabeth              born September 3, 1826                
4.  Lemuel, Jr.           born September 3, 1828                
5.  Presley M.            born September 15, 1830  
            6.  Richard Oates     born April 27, 1833 

Here are the two lists combined:

Boy     born between 1821–1825   Charles, born September 1822
            Girl      born between 1821–1825   Zilpha, born Nevember 1824
            Girl      born between 1825–1830   Elizabeth, born September 1826
            Boy     born between 1825–1830    Lemuel Jr., born September 1828
            Boy     born between 1830–1835    Presley, born September 1830
            Boy     born between 1830–1835    Richard, born April 1833

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