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Elizabeth Boggess (1826-1891)

Elizabeth Boggess

Elizabeth Boggess was born on September 3, 1826 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  She was the second daughter and the third of six children born to Lemuel and Rachel Boggess.  Her father died when Elizabeth was about 7 years old, and her mother remarried three years later.  She grew up on the family farm in Muhlenberg, and eventually became the third eldest of thirteen children.

Elizabeth married Aspasia William Earle, but the actual date has been difficult to verify.  It is a popular notion (as documented on numerous websites) that Elizabeth and Aspasia married in 1835 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky.  However, this may not be the case.  If Elizabeth married Aspasia in 1835, that would make her around nine years old at her marriage.  Also, Elizabeth is most likely the child, aged between 10 and 15 years, listed in the John Wickliffe household in 1840.  This also makes her marriage to Aspasia in 1835 highly unlikely.  If the date is wrong, one might assume she and Aspasia were married around 1845, which would be much more agreeable.  If the marriage date is in fact closer to 1845, then Elizabeth would have been around 19 years old and Aspasia about 30 years.  Aspasia William Earle was born on September 25, 1815 in Kentucky.

After their marriage, Aspasia and Elizabeth made their home Madisonville, Hopkins County, Kentucky, where Aspasia worked as a farmer.  

In 1870, Josephine Earle, a niece, was living with Aspasia and Elizabeth.  Then in 1880, Ida Boggess and Edna Martin (a niece and grandniece, respectively) were living in the Earle household.  

There is no record of any children born to Aspasia and Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth Boggess Earle died on April 29, 1891, in Hopkins County, Kentucky.  She was 64 years old.  Her husband died two years and eleven months later.  

Aspasia William Earle died on March 23, 1893 in the same county.  He was 77 years old at his death.

Notes for Elizabeth Boggess
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Notes for Aspasia William Earle
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