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Lemuel Boggess, Sr (1776-1833)

Lemuel Boggess, Sr.

Lemuel Boggess, Sr. was the fourth child born to Richard H. Boggess and Nancy (Ann) Smith. He was born about 1776 in Prince William County, Virginia, or in North Carolina.

At about age 46, Lemuel married Rachel Oates, age 13, on October 11, 1821 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Rachel was born on March 22, 1808 in the same county. Rachel was the daughter of Major Jesse Oates and Zilpha Mason. Pioneer Richard Boggess, father of Lemuel Sr., had come to Muhlenburg County from Fauquier County, Virginia, around 1797. He settled near Pond River, above the Russelville Road. He and Major Jesse Oates were both wealthy and influential, thus giving Lemuel and Rachel had a good financial start. Lemuel and Rachel raised their six children in Muhlenberg. Lemuel was a farmer by profession and owned as many as a dozen slaves to help with the agricultural and household labor.  
Rachel Oates

After twelve years of marriage, Rachel became a widow at the age of 25. She was left with six children, ranging from newborn to eleven years old, and a large farm to care for. Lemuel Boggess, Sr. “met a violent death” in Muhlenberg County in 1833, the same year his youngest child was born. He was about 58 years old at his death. Richard Oates was appointed guardian over the fatherless children, but died the following year. Thereafter, Vachel Dillingham took his place as guardian. When Rachel married John Wickliffe, they assumed guardianship of the children. 

Three years after the death of her husband, Rachel Oates Boggess married John Davis Wickliffe on February 2, 1836 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. She was one month shy of her 28th birthday, and he was about 36 years old. John was born in Virginia in 1799, the son of Arington Wickliffe and Catherine Davis.

John and Rachel Wickliffe lived in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky for the remainder of their lives. Along with the six children from Rachel’s first marriage, she and John added seven more children to their family. Like Lemuel, John was also a farmer and worked in the agricultural industry until his death sometime between 1860 and 1870. The 1860 census lists the worth of his real estate at $2,000 and the worth of his personal estate at $500.

John Wickliffe fought for the Confederate Army in the American Civil War.  Private Wickliffe enlisted October 2, 1861, trained at the Green River Camp, and promoted to Captain February 1, 1862. Captain John Davis Wickliffe mustered out (was killed) August 12, 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg.  He was 64 years old at his death.

Once again, Rachel was left a widow, this time around her early 60’s. After her second husband’s death, Rachel lived in the city of Boggess in Muhlenberg County with her daughter, Martha Wickliffe, at least until 1880, maybe even until her death in 1897.

Rachel Oates Boggess Wickliffe died at the age of 89 years, on June 1, 1897 in Boggess, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.

The presumed children of Lemuel and Rachel Boggess are:
1.  Charles Haise     born September 10, 1822  
2.  Zilpha Ann           born November 9, 1824                 
3.  Elizabeth              born September 3, 1826                
4.  Lemuel, Jr.           born September 3, 1828                
5.  Presley M.            born September 15, 1830  
            6.  Richard Oates     born April 27, 1833

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