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Nancy (Ann) Smith (1740- )

Nancy (Ann) Smith
Daughter of James Smith & Elizabeth

Nancy (Ann) Smith, daughter of James and Elizabeth Smith, was born about 1740 in Fairfax County, Virginia.  She married Richard H. Boggess, also of Fairfax County, about 1767.  Robert Boggess is listed in connection with the purchase of land in the early Fairfax County records.  Richard may have been a son of Robert.          

Nancy and Richard moved their young family to North Carolina sometime between 1760 and 1773.  On July 3, 1773, Richard Boggess and William Bailey Smith were witnesses to the will of Stephen Martin in Orange County, North Carolina.  Richard must have been a citizen of the community or he would not have been asked to serve in this capacity.

Richard Boggess went to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, about 1797.[1]  He and Nancy settled near Pond Creek, in the vicinity of Greenville, where he died about 1805. 

Richard and Nancy had a large family.  It has been difficult to determine the correct order of birth, but I have done my best to place them as accurately as possible.  Their children are:

            1.  Joel Boggess                               1768 –
            2.  J. Warren Boggess                     1769 –
            3.  Robert Boggess                          1772/1780 – 1850
            4.  Lemuel Boggess, Sr.                  1776 – 1833
            5.  Richard H. Boggess, Jr.             1776 –
            6.  William Rusbook Boggess        1774 –
            7.  Elenor or Ellen Boggess           1770/1780 –
            8.  Peter Boggess                           1775/1780 –
            9.  Hannah Boggess                       1787 – 1863
            10.  Eli Boggess                               1788 – 1819

Record has been found of the first four marriages listed below.[2]

            Hannah to Thomas Bell, October 1803;
            Robert to Rosanna Rumaldy, February 6, 1809;
            Lemuel to Rachel Oates, October 11, 1821;
            Peter to Sally Kirtley, January 22, 1824;
            Elinor to John Price.

            It is quite probable that some of the Boggess children married before they went to Kentucky; thus, their marriages are not on record in Muhlenberg County. 
Nancy Ann Smith Boggess died in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, in the home of her son, Lemuel Boggess, on April 20, 1818.  Her will is recorded in the Muhlenberg County Abstracts of Wills and Administrations.

The will is as follows: "Nancy or Anne BOGGESS will being present on the 14th day of April 1819 at the house of Lemuel BOGGESS where his mother lay on her death bed, she said it was her desire that if any thing was got of her brother W. B. (William Bailey) SMITH estate that Thomas BELL wife should have an equal part with the rest of her children divided into 9 parts, she should have one. We asked her if she was in her senses, she said she was and repeated the same thing again. She died the 20th of April 1819". Witness this day April 24, 1819, signed Peter A. BOGGESS and Margaret A. ALLISON. Proven May Co, Court 1819.

BOGGESS heirs agreement: "Nancy or Ann BOGGESS departed this life on 20th day of April and in the presence of two witnesses, Peggy ALLISON and her son Peter A. BOGGESS". The estate of William Bailey SMITH, brother of Ann or Nancy BOGGESS, is to be divided among Thomas BELL's wife, Hanna, who was a grand-daughter former BOGGESS, and her children who were Joel BOGGESS, Richard BOGGESS, William BOGGESS, Peter A. BOGGESS, Warren BOGGESS, Ellen PRICE, Lemuel BOGGESS, Robert BOGGESS. Proven May Co, Court 1819. Book II, pp. 119-120.

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[2] Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, Marriages, by Mrs. Evelyn M. Cox and Mrs. Leila F. McCulley
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