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Hannah Boggess (1787-1863)

Hannah Boggess

Hannah Boggess was the ninth child born to Richard H. Boggess and Nancy (Ann) Smith.  She was born about 1787 in Prince William County, Virginia, or in North Carolina. 

Hannah married Thomas Bell October 2, 1803 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  She was 16 years old and he was 30 years.  Thomas was born in Caroline County, Virginia on April 29, 1773, the son of William Bell and Mary Foster.  

Thomas and Hannah were the parents of the following seven children:

                        Wyley A.                                 born about 1804
                        Charles C.                               born about 1806
                        William                                    born January 2, 1807
                        (Daughter)                               born about 1808
                        Sarah Ann                              born about 1809
                        James Montgomery                 born 1812
                        Martha H.                                born August 29, 1820

Thomas and Hannah Bell lived with their children in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky for the remainder of their lives.  Thomas was a prominent man in Muhlenberg County and was colonel of the militia for a number of years. 

Thomas Bell died on November 14, 1852 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, at the age of 79.  Hannah Boggess Bell died ten years and ten months later on September 16, 1863 in the same county.  She was about 76 years old.

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